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The benefits of a debt consolidation remortgage

There are many benefits to a debt consolidation remortgage, in fact, we’ve helped customers just like you reduce their monthly outgoings, often by £1,000’s. We can do this by securing you a cheaper mortgage rate, while consolidating debts such as personal loans and credit cards. Below our just some of the benefits:-

  • Clear and consolidate costly debts such as personal loans, credit cards, and overdrafts.
  • Raise money for home improvements to add value to your property.
  • Find and obtain a better interest rate – simply pay less interest.
  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payments freeing up more money in the process.
  • Reduce your mortgage term


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Debt Consoidation FAQs   

What is a debt consolidation remortgage?

In short, a debt consolidation remortgage enables you to consolidate existing debts into a new mortgage deal, which could help you financially.

In the short term, this may even free up cash, although you should also consider that on the flip-side your monthly mortgage payments will likely increase in the process. Speaking to a mortgage advisor is strongly recommended before making this decision, as independent financial advice could save you £1,000s!

Can you remortgage to consolidate debt?  

It’s possible, we have certainly helped customers just like you to save £1,000’s through debt consolidation. However, your options will always depend on your unique circumstances.

While remortgaging can be ideal for borrowing larger amounts, or repaying debts over a longer period, on the flip side there are many factors to consider, such as potential early repayment charges to leave your current mortgage deal.

Whatever your circumstance, our mortgage advisors will be able to explain all of your options in plain English.

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