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Last Updated: 31st August 2023

What Are Specialist Mortgages

Specialist mortgages are a category of mortgage products that cater to individuals with unique financial circumstances that might not align with the standard criteria set by traditional lenders.

These mortgages are designed to provide tailored solutions to borrowers who might be excluded from obtaining a mortgage through standard channels due to factors such as their employment type, credit history, property type, or residency status.

Understanding Specialist Mortgages

Specialist mortgages are designed to accommodate borrowers who don’t fit the standard lending criteria of traditional mortgages. These borrowers might include:

Self-Employed Individuals: Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners often face hurdles when proving their income. Specialist mortgages offer flexible ways to verify earnings, making homeownership achievable.

Contract Workers: Those with short-term or contract-based employment can find it difficult to secure standard mortgages. Specialist options assess affordability based on contract terms and future earning potential.

Adverse Credit History: Individuals with past credit issues can still access homeownership through specialist lenders who consider a broader view of their financial situation.

Non-Standard Properties: Properties with unconventional features or those considered high-risk might require specialist financing to ensure fair valuation and appropriate funding.

Expats and Foreign Nationals: People living and working in the UK without a permanent residency status often require specialist mortgages tailored to their unique circumstances.

Benefits of Specialist Mortgages

Opting for a specialist mortgage opens up several advantages:

Personalised Approach: Specialist lenders understand that each borrower’s situation is unique. They tailor mortgage terms to accommodate specific financial challenges.

Higher Approval Chances: Borrowers who might be rejected by traditional lenders due to non-standard financial situations have better chances of approval with specialist lenders.

Flexible Terms: Specialist mortgages often offer more flexible terms, such as interest-only payments, to align with the borrower’s financial capabilities.

Diverse Property Options: With specialist mortgages, a wider range of properties, including unconventional homes, can be financed.

Credit History Flexibility: Specialist lenders consider more than just credit scores, focusing on your overall financial situation.

Types of Specialist Mortgages

Self-Employed Mortgages: Tailored for self-employed individuals, these mortgages assess income through business accounts, tax returns, and projections.

Contractor Mortgages: Suited for contractors, these mortgages consider contract length, daily rate, and future work prospects for affordability assessment.

Bad Credit Mortgages: Designed for individuals with adverse credit history, these mortgages offer routes to homeownership while rebuilding credit.

Buy-to-Let Specialist Mortgages: For property investors, these mortgages assess the property’s income potential rather than the borrower’s income.

Expat Mortgages: Catering to foreign nationals, these mortgages accommodate international income and residency status.

How to find the right deal for you

Getting any kind of mortgage can be stressful enough. Working with a specialist mortgage broker can help you get access to unique deals, as well as expert advice.

Specialist Mortgage FAQs

Who is a specialist mortgage for?   

A specialist mortgage is a broad term that encompasses many different circumstances, including but not limited to bad credit mortgages, CCJ mortgages, no credit history mortgages, and even self-employed mortgages.

Whatever your unique situation may be, we offer an individual service and approach – striving to get you the right mortgage to meet your needs.

Can I get a mortgage as an expat?

A specialist expat mortgage would be required for any UK resident currently living abroad. However, getting an expat mortgage in the UK can be tricky.

Typically a lender would like to see that you have strong ties to the UK, which is obviously a challenge if you are an expat!

While many high street lenders don’t offer expat mortgages, our network of mortgage advisers will have access to expat mortgage lenders that you won’t find on the high street – coupled with the knowledge to secure often complex expat mortgages, making specialist mortgages simple as possible!

What is a ‘Right To Buy’ Mortgage? 

Through the Right to Buy scheme some council home and housing association tenants have an opportunity to purchase their home, and typically at a heavily discounted rate.

As the Government expands the scheme, more people are eligible to purchase their homes than ever before.

While it’s great to have this opportunity, right to buy mortgages can often be complex, and this is likely why not all lenders offer such mortgages.

Fret not! Our network of specialist mortgage advisers can help you to secure a right to buy mortgage with as minimum fuss as possible!

The Personal Approach To Your Mortgage

With a Mortgage Experience adviser on your team, you can sit back, relax, and make yourself a cuppa, safe in the knowledge that we will be doing all the heavy lifting to find you a suitable mortgage with the best rates available. This gives you more time to pack, and well, do the actual physical heavy lifting (should you wish) as you move into and enjoy your new home.

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